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High Speed Wireless Internet Service
Covering Trumann, Central and Harrisburg
768K* - $40/Month --- 1.5M* - $50/Month
Standard Installation Price: $99.95**

* Goes Where DSL and Cable Can't
* 100% TAX-FREE - Finally, No More Taxes
* No Hidden Fees
* Locally Owned & Operated
* Always On - Surf and Talk At the Same Time
* No Phone Line Needed

No Dialing, No Waiting, No Hassle

* Speeds listed are up to speeds. This means you are capable of send and receive speeds up to the speed shown. These are not guaranteed speed rates, actual speeds will vary based on distance from our towers and clear line of sight

** Some restrictions apply. Not applicable to all installation situations, some special situations may require additional equipment or work that would be in addition to these base install prices. The free site survey will tell you exactly how much the install would run in excess of these fee's, if any.

Sales & Customer Support 870.483.1901

Sales and pricing requests:

Service questions and technical support: support@dtisp.com
Web site corrections and suggestions: webmaster@dtisp.com